Why Hyve?

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of young people want to start a business. They want their job to reflect their values and personal mission, they want to be passionate about their work. 

Different Ways to Do Ministry

Tithe Based

The church employs workers and pays them after having received tithes from the church members.

Donation Based

Donors are contributing towards a mission project or supporting a ministry and the associated work.

Entrepreneurship Based

The ministry offers products and/or services and uses the funds to pay for their own expenses & work.

All models have their place. We are focusing on the model that we believe is the most impactful and yet has strangely been neglected.

Introducing: Missional Entrepreneurship.

The Plan for Israel

It was God's plan for the people of Israel to not only make the Levites priests (and therefore full-time workers), but every single Israelite (Exodus 19:6). The model was that each tribe would focus on different trades and each family would have their own property. They would generate their own income and live an industrious, self-supporting life while working for God to bless everyone and anyone they would come in contact with.
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The Example of Paul

The probably greatest and most effective missionary next to Jesus Christ was a self-supporting ministry worker. His tent-making business wasn't only extremely profitable (he could reinvest his profits and fund all of his mission trips, including his friends for months), but it also gave him access to a class of people that otherwise could not have been reached with the Gospel. This means that he didn’t just do business to make money, but to benefit society through his high-quality products and to reach his customers with the Gospel. Paul wasn't dependent on tithes nor on donations, but rather able to go wherever he pleased and wherever the LORD called him to go.
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The Beehive Model

More coming soon.

The Madison Model

Beehive applied to the educational system.

Our Mission

We want Adventist businesses and ministries to thrive, have a larger spiritual impact and be more profitable & influential.

Our Values

Wholesome & Relevant Products

Our products or services meet a need in the marketplace. They are beneficial to abundant living. We give back more than we take from the planet.

Kind & Candide Corporate Culture

Our businesses are fun to work at. All employees feel valued and trusted, they are paid fairly and receive health & wellness benefits. We don’t have set work hours. We believe in direct and unselfish communication.

Outstanding Customer Service

Every customer leaves feeling better after each interaction with us.

Intentional & Attractive Spirituality

We constantly look for ways to share our uniquely Adventist values in a winsome way, like through various marketing channels, our packaging, or through branded content.

Profitability & Missional Reinvestment

We unselfishly support other (potential) missional projects, businesses, non-profits, or church entities. We are free to innovate outside of our core business.