JULY 26 - 30, 2021



Hyve PNG 2021

From July 26 to July 30, hundreds of students, business owners and church leaders are coming together to accelerate, grow and improve their startups & ministries. Join us online or in person at PAU for our first virtual event for all missional entrepreneurs of Papua New Guinea.

Born to Create.

“Every human being, created in the image of God, is endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator —individuality, power to think and to do.” The men and women in whom this power is developed are those who bear responsibilities, who are leaders in enterprise, and who influence character. It is the work of true education to develop this power.

Ellen White, Education, p.17



For this 4-day event, award-winning entrepreneurs, business, leadership and growth experts are coming online to share their insights with us. They will coach your business, organization, department, or ministry and propel it to the next level!

Denzil McNeilus


Denzil McNeilus grew up in an entrepreneurial family, working for his father’s company McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing (MTM). The McNeilus family grew their business rapidly and soon, MTM became the largest manufacturer of concrete mixers and refuse packers in the world. 

Today, Denzil works as the owner of Sterling State Bank. He resides in Dodge Center, Minnesota (United States). Denzil is a past president of ASI, he continues to serve on the ASI Missions Inc. board. Denzil and his wife, Donna, also a past president of ASI, are parents to three children. Their passion is sharing Christ with others around the world. Their involvement with ASI extends back many years.

Steven Grabiner


Steven Grabiner, ThD is a certified leadership coach with training from Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership and the International Coaching Federation. He also has a doctorate in New Testament Studies from the University of South Africa and a Masters from Yale Divinity School. He is president of Percepta, a leadership coaching company. Steven and his wife Vivian enjoy spending time with their three adult children and six grandchildren. As the president for Outpost Centers International, he oversees over 175 ministries & organizations worldwide and trains SDA leaders and teams regularly. At Hyve PNG, he will speak on Leadership and Team Management.

Rob Bertholf


Rob Bertholf is a servant to God aspiring to the character of Jesus. A former Staff Sergeant with the US Air Force and a veteran entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in marketing and technology founding several successful startups and agencies. As a technologist, Rob has architected and developed applications for the Pentagon, Fortune 100 companies, filed a patent on one of the first Content Management Systems (WebOS) and invented a springboard for cloud development. As a marketer, Rob understands the importance of brand strategy, organic acquisition and is a top ranked Google “Search Engine Optimization Expert”. Rob’s true passion is in mentorship and is a mentor for top tier California Universities and Venture Accelerators as well as his own startup incubator program. At Hyve PNG, he will present multiple keynotes on entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, as well as practical tips on soft skills.

Lyndon Sweeney


Lyndon Sweeney is a UK-based entrepreneur, marketing specialist and sales expert. He founded ArkWeb Hosting in October 2015 together with a friend and started to offer comprehensive website hosting services for individuals and businesses alike. Within the following 4 years, ArkWeb grew and became a digital agency for startups and SMEs. 

Lyndon’s passion has always been in the technology field. As a former Marketing Director for Hyve International, he used his skillset to serve a global community of missional entrepreneurs and provide technical solutions that make the startup life easier, more productive and more successful. 

At Hyve PNG, Lyndon will share hands-on advice how founders can leverage existing technologies, services and resources to propel their startup to new heights.

Lorand Soares


Lorand Soares Szasz is one of the most appreciated European experts in “accelerated growth”. After dropping out of school and moving from Romania to Portugal, Lorand found his passion to be entrepreneurship. In 2008, he returned to his native country and started Coaching4You, a business coaching company for entrepreneurs. Lorand doubled his revenue almost every year and soon began to hire a team, work with international business consultants like Brian Tracy and speak internationally. His newest company UpRiserz educates thousands of European entrepreneurs how to propel their startup to the next level. It generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue “on autopilot” – meaning the company functions without him being present.

Lorand’s dream is to help as many young Adventists as possible to turn their passion into a profitable business. He has been heavily involved with Hyve as a speaker and investor for many years. At this conference, he will speak on business development, marketing and sales strategies.

Jared Thurmon


Jared Thurmon is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, father, husband, and pastor of a Seventh-day Adventist Church. He was involved in the launch of a variety of business ventures and NGO’s in the areas of senior living communities, juice bars, consumer product goods, media production, health food manufacturing, wellness and venture capital. His latest passion is in ideation and production of on-demand content. Jared and his family live on a small farm outside of Atlanta, Georgia with their alpacas, chickens, ducks and miniature donkeys. 

At Hyve PNG, Jared will share powerful insights on the most important topic of the conference: The marriage between business and religion. 


Consultants & Coaches

All participating businesses and ministries receive professional coaching throughout the event. Register as a business and work on your organization during this 4-day event.

Jesse Zwiker

President, Hyve

Michelle Doucoumes

Professor of Business, SAU

Vincent Bujor

Director, Morning Devos Ministries

Andrew Perry

CEO, TMI Group

Rob Bertholf

Bertholf Ventures, LLC



Hyve PNG consists of two parts: online keynote seminars and coaching sessions. All keynote seminars are available for free to anyone who registers for Hyve PNG. Registered startups can book coaching sessions with experienced consultants in their industry. 

Registration closed on Sunday, July 25 at 4PM.



All keynote sessions will be broadcast live. Register to reserve your spot and listen to life-changing advice from industry-leading experts.

Why Missional Entrepreneurship?

k1 - MONDAY, 6PM

There are different ways how to do ministry today. Most people know and focus on two established and well-working models, namely “tithe based” and “donation based” ministry. But there is a third model, one that was included in God’s plan for Israel, one that Paul was successfully using and one that strangely has been neglected for a long time. Introducing: Missional Entrepreneurship.

In this keynote, you will learn more about the power and the importance of missional entrepreneurship and why every Bible-believing Christian today should start his own business for God’s glory.



Just like starting a journey and wanting to orient your path towards your destination, beginning a new venture requires considering your orientation. During this presentation, you will get to know a proven framework that allows you to ideate your new venture. It all starts with the “who”, then comes the “what”. 

How to Build a Successful Startup From Scratch


More than 80% of start-ups fail in the first 10 years. From the remaining 20%, less than 5% make it over the € 1 million mark in turnover.
During this keynote, Lorand will show you how to build your start-up so that you significantly increase your chances to be in the 5% niche of individuals who make it to the top.

You will learn the basic fundamentals for business growth. You will understand how to promote your product or service, how to find the best employees. how to build a dream team, how to sell more, how to systemize your processes and how to make sure you are profitable.

Coaching for Strong Teams


Anything of significance in this world has been accomplished by teams working together. This keynote Coaching for Strong Teams will help you understand the dynamics that make for healthy teams as well the pitfalls that hinder team success. You will also learn a variety of coaching techniques that will enable you to move your team toward its goals.

How to Increase Your Sales


As business owner, you want to increase your sales on a daily basis so that your business grows every year. More sales means more profit for the owner, higher salaries and better conditions for the employees and more money for investments and growth. In order to increase your sales you need to increase 4 key performance indicators in your business. You need more leads, a better conversion rate, a higher average on every sales and more transactions with every client.

In this session, Lorand will show you 4 steps to grow your sales  and give you a number of strategies from which to choose. You will leave with actionable ideas to grow your sales.

How to Become an Excellent Leader


“Good” is often good enough. However, in the realm of leadership, we should constantly be working to improve our leadership skills. In the keynote Leadership Excellence you will learn the 5 pillars of leadership excellence and the 6 fatal flaws that too frequently derail leadership. You will also discover how you can create a leadership growth agenda, to move your leadership up on the excellence scale.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

K7 - Thursday, 7PM

Running a business is hard. You are doing the job of 10 people while having the time of 1 of them. But the beauty is, you don’t have to. During this keynote, we will explore tricks and tools that companies are using today to run their business more efficiently. By the end of this presentation, you will understand what services are out there that will allow you to mimic the jobs of 10 men, allowing you to focus on your 1, most important role.

The Religion of Business

K8 - Friday, 8AM

Let’s talk about the business world of tomorrow. What trends should we paying attention to, what details should we, as Christians, focus on? How are we to do business, missional business?

Join Jared Thurmon for a thrilling encounter with faith-based entrepreneurship . Learn what it means to find your calling and purpose and grow your business to change this world and the world to come.