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Hundreds of Businesses & Ministries Fail Every Year Because...

When you become a Hyve Member™, you get all the resources you need to change the world with the talents God gave you!

A New Way of Doing Business & Ministry

There is a need of combining mission and business in a professional and Biblical way. When your organization joins Hyve, you commit to these five basic values:

Wholesome & Relevant Products / Services

Our products or services meet a need in the marketplace. They are beneficial to abundant living. We give back more than we take from the planet.

Kind & Candid Corporate Culture

Our businesses are fun to work at. All employees feel valued and trusted, they are paid fairly and receive health & wellness benefits. We don't have set work hours. We believe in direct and unselfish communication.

Outstanding Customer Experience

Every customer leaves feeling better after each interaction with us.

Intentional & Attractive Spirituality

We constantly look for ways to share our uniquely Adventist values in a winsome way, like through various marketing channels, our packaging, or through branded content.

Profitability & Missional Reinvestment

We unselfishly support other (potential) missional projects, businesses, non-profits, or church entities. We are free to innovate outside of our core business.

How it Works

1. Start Your Free Membership

2. Get Instant Access to All Resources, Materials & Our Network

3. Change the World With Your Organization

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Direct Messaging & Networking

Create your own business profile and chat with over 1,000 registered missional entrepreneurs and investors from 50+ countries to get fast & individual help - whenever you need it.

Constant Business Training

Receive monthly emails & videos that give you tips, best practices, resources and materials - all to forward God's cause.

Business Performance Evaluation

Get yearly feedback & ideas how to improve your missional business with our Business Performance Evaluation Program.

Exclusive Webinars

Watch exclusive webinars with experts in your industry that help you propel your project to new heights.

Job Opportunities

Connect with and hire trustworthy, competent specialists in your industry or join an existing missional business that needs you in their team.

Regular Pitch Events

Use the opportunity to present your project to Adventist investors and business consultants at our pitch events. Get funded and receive the support you need.

Access to all Hyve Services

Get access to additional services we provide, like Business Coaching, Consulting, the Hyve Academy™, our Startup School and much more.


Create your profile and become a Hyve member in less than 3 minutes. 
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Hyve Services

Explore a world of unlimited possibilities by using tailored our tailored services. 

All Hyve Services will be available on our website soon.

Business Coaching

Work together with an experienced business coach in your industry that helps you get better results in less time.

Hyve Academy™

Get access to our comprehensive online training platform with practical videos, templates, business courses and much more.

Hyve Accelerator™

Apply and get selected to accelerate your missional business.

Executive Coaching

One-on-one advice by an experienced executive coach who helps you manage, lead and grow your organization Christ's way.