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The Jewish economy is so successful because they buy, sell, refer, and support each other. We'll connect you locally in Chattanooga, TN — and globally, with over 15,000+ SDA business owners.

Introducing: Behyve Chattanooga

Visionary Ellen White had a remarkable dream about startups in San Francisco. Around 1901 it came to fruition. Adventists had dozens of successful businesses and ministries. They shared the gospel and helped the poor and needy. She called this a “beehive.” We are replicating her model — and starting in Tennessee.

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Join our first Beehyve and connect with like-minded business owners on a regular basis.

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Let other Adventist business owners refer clients to you. Marketing has never been this easy.

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Join us virtually or in person every other Thursday from 4 – 5:30 PM at one of our members’ businesses. Get exclusive discounts for other Hyve services and events. Brainstorm and learn on how we can reach people more effectively through our businesses.


You have a business.

You are a sole proprietor, contractor, freelancer, small business owner, nonprofit, corporation, or enterprise. You are a Seventh-day Adventist in good standing.

You have a mission.

Your business aims to demonstrate Christ's love and win souls for His kingdom. You want to increase your missional impact with employees, suppliers, and customers.

You commit to collaborate.

You join us with a "How can I help you" mentality — no more than three absences/year. You can send a representative with advance notice. We expect about 1-2 business referrals per month, one missional strategy per month, one invitee per month, and two one-on-ones per month.

Ellen White and honey bees

Around 1876, visionary Ellen White had a remarkable dream about startups in and around San Francisco which came to fruition almost three decades later.

Although that area includes today’s Silicon Valley, the nature of these ventures was very different back then. It was all about natural health care, innovative culinary cuisine and social & spiritual impact. These business owners were striving to solve the world’s most pressing problems in a sustainable way and showing to everyone in a practical way that God is love. Ellen White called this network of missional ventures a beehive.

Many church members were involved in helping the poor, caring for the sick, finding homes for orphans and jobs for the unemployed. They were running vegetarian restaurants, health food stores, treatment centers,…