Hyve Creators 2024

The largest gathering of Adventist entrepreneurs

February 29 - March 3, 2024. Collegedale, TN.

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Networking reimagined.

Our new Networking Package connects you with Adventist business owners, investors, and industry experts during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No more awkward handshakes or stammering pitches.

Purpose rediscovered.

It's not about making money; it's about sharing your faith. Rediscover your purpose, get our Missional Certificate™, and use Adventism's most innovate method of ministry with your business.

Businesses empowered.

Our Startup Boot Camp gives you hands-on guidance and practical knowledge. Online marketing, sales, business development — learn and grow with experts in the field.

More details coming soon

Startups accelerated.

Our investors are putting $1.5 million dollars on the table. They want to support the best startups within Adventism. Join us for the Lions Den.​

Pitch for a chance to get $1.5 million.

Warning: we’ll have lions at our events this year. Hungry investors are waiting for modern-day Daniels. $1,500,000.00 are on the table. Who will be brave enough to pitch?

Here's how you can enter.

1. Register for the event.

Make sure to register for the event here. You can also purchase a booth with one ticket and meal package here.

2. Submit your application.

Pitch submission opens on December 1. If you complete the application process and get approved by our investors, you will receive $500.

3. Get approved.

Once you’re approved, our investors need your P&L statements and balance sheets from the last two years. If everything looks good, you can go on stage on March 2. Negotiations and deals are made on stage.

What our investors want to see

We’re looking for Adventist startups with impact. Each pitch gets evaluated on four levels.

Social Impact

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer service
  • Community impact
  • Social product

Spiritual Impact

  • Spiritual Customer Journey
  • Referrals

Environmental Impact

  • Product
  • Processes

Financial Impact

  • Profitability
  • Missional Investments
  • Donations
  • Remuneration

Starting at $0.

All main stage sessions

are free. Come and get

inspired. Learn from

industry experts.

Registration is free. Click on the link below to get started.

2. Book your accommodation

Once you’ve registered, you can look for accommodations nearby Southern Adventist University. We’ve listed the most convenient options for you at the bottom of this page.


Jeffrey Rosario

Speaker, Light Bearers

Nicole Gustman

Owner, Crumbleberry Market

Sebastien Braxton

Cofounder, Luminate App

Sam Neves

Associate Director of Communications, GC

Jared Thurmon

Serial Entrepreneur

Jonathan Dysinger

Founder, Farmers Friend

Brad Mills

Field Secretary, Middle East North Africa Union

Brittany East

Product Development Manager, McKee Foods

Jesse Zwiker

President, Hyve

Ruben Dias

Serial Entrepreneur & Co-owner at Hill Helicopters International

More Speakers Coming Soon

Are you an investor?

Join us this year.

Use your capital to forward God's cause and advance missional entrepreneurship in North America. We will handpick the best startups, you can choose where to invest in. You're invited to join us for a special luncheon on Sunday after the event ends.

Exhibit Hall

Showcase your missional business!

Entrepreneurs, founders and investors are all coming together to meet at Southern Adventist University. Purchase your 10x10 booth space today and showcase your product or service in front of 1,200+ people. Network with potential investors, customers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Standard Booth: $976.50
Sole Proprietor Booth: $676.50


Friday Morning


United Prayer

Starting the day with prayer. Location to be confirmed.


Morning Devotional


Five Key Elements on How to Grow a Business

Klinger Lurentt has learned from the best marketing experts worldwide. He’s sharing his favorite key takeaways.




Story of Azure Farm

Annette Thurmon has a passion for simple country living. With AzureFarm, she inspires and educates over 100,000 people on social media every day.




Story of Hill Helicopters International

Ruben Dias has a entrepreneurial track record of planning, creating and managing dozens of business ventures in several countries. His long-time passion for aviation came to a new level when he started to develop a global brand launch and sales & marketing strategies for Hill Helicopters and the HX50, a luxury private helicopter.


The Most Effective Way to Spread an Idea

What’s the most effective way to spread an idea today? Back in Martin Luther’s day, it was probably a book. But what about in 2023, where global companies are influencing our daily habits like never before? Jesse Zwiker explains. 


Lunch Break

Friday Afternoon


The Startup Panel

How do I start a business from scratch? Can I do it without any money from investors? And how do I transition from my “side hustle” to a real business? Join Seth Hill, GW Chew, Jesse Zwiker, Alejandra Restrepo and others and get your questions answered.


Creating Magic Moments

Daniel Bruneau and Jesse Zwiker share what Adventist business owners can do to intentionally spread the gospel and surprise their customers with a beautiful demonstration of Christ-like selflessness. 


How to Fail Forward

How do we deal with failure in business? Can we avoid it? If so, how? This panel discussion will inspire you to “fail forward”.




Early Stage Pitch Competition

10 “early stage” startups will pitch their ideas to investors and the audience. Listen to new and innovative business models and get inspired!




How God Helped Me Smuggle Hash

Sidney Sweet is the owner of Sweet Dried Fruits, Inc. His company became the largest distributor of raisins worldwide. But he had been busy with other business strategies before meeting Jesus. Learn why and how God helped him smuggle hash.


Business and Family

The startup life can be exhausting. Long hours, sleepless nights and no time for family and friends — right?! Annette and Jared Thurmon share their story. 


Supper / Break

Friday Evening


Vespers: Welcome & Worship


Personal Testimony

David Grabiner shares his story of how he grew up as a missionary kid in Africa. Simple and humble duties prepared him for greater responsibilities as an Adventist entrepreneur with his real estate company Lubono Capital.


Harnessing Technology for the Gospel

Artificial intelligence, robotics, 360 video and other inventions don’t have to be used for selfish and destructive purposes only. Daryl Gungadoo currently leads the Adventist Review Media Lab and will explain how we can use these things for God’s glory.


Sabbath Devotional

with GW Chew


Exhibit Hall Opens

The exhibit hall is open for attendees to explore and connect with others.

Sabbath Morning


United Prayer

Location will be announced soon.


Panel Discussion: Faith & Entrepreneurship


Small Group Discussion

Continue the discussion on faith and entrepreneurship with fellow attendees.




Divine Service

with David Asscherick


Lunch Break

Sabbath Afternoon


Panel Discussion: Money, Wealth and the Bible

Many Christians over the centuries have been perplexed and irritated regarding this subject. What does the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy say about money and wealth?


The Power of Unselfishness

with Jesse Zwiker




Adventist Pioneers & Entrepreneurship

The pioneers and founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church lived a life of sacrifice and devotion, serving others. But many of us don’t know that they had an entrepreneurial side, a spirit of invention and innovation.


Panel Discussion: Doing Business in Unentered Areas

There are regions in this world where we can’t share God’s love. Evangelism is prohibited by law. But through business ventures, many souls have heard about the gospel and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. Learn more about how our church is using business as mission and how you can get involved.


Supper / Break

Saturday Night


The Lion's Den

10 startups will pitch in front of a judging panel of experienced investors and entrepreneurs. Listen to their pitches and the Q&A after each presentation. The panel will choose three winners. The most promising startup will receive $5,000 and 12 month of business coaching (worth $7,000). Numerous other prizes will be given away as well! 


Exhibit Hall Opens

After the Lion’s Den is over, attendees will have another opportunity to visit various booths and get in touch with other business owners. Doors are closing at 10:15PM. 

Sunday Morning


Meeting With Investors & Startup Owners

We will share with all investors how you can get more involved in forwarding God’s cause through Adventist entrepreneurship. But this meeting isn’t limited to investors only — if you’re interested in investing into startups or if you own a business worth investing into, feel free to join us. We will discuss future plans and strategies. The meeting will probably end around 12PM.


Are you looking for accommodation? The following hotels are located a short distance from campus and offer a discount to those visiting Southern.  Please note that you have to call them and mention that you would like the “Southern Adventist University Discount.” The hotels might only give this discount to a limited amount of people. Southern Adventist University and Hyve have no control over when the discount is available, but we recommend that you try and give them a call.

Hampton Inn Chattanooga-North/Ooltewah

6145 Weir Way Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363


Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ooltewah Springs

6274 Artesian Circle, Ooltewah, TN 37363


SpringHill Suites Chattanooga North/Ooltewah

6274 Artesian Circle, Ooltewah, TN 37363



Meal time is networking time! We’re offering five meals throughout the event: Friday lunch and supper, Sabbath lunch and supper to go, as well as Sunday breakfast. All meals are included at a reduced price in our Networking Package for $176.50. Alternatively, you can just buy our networking lunch meal on Sabbath for $29. If you don’t want to network, you can visit various restaurants nearby or eat at the cafeteria on campus. The cafeteria accepts credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to pitch your startup at our event, you need to register as a business owner. We will then send you more information on how to prepare your slide deck and do a successful pitch. If you don’t have a business (yet), feel free to just register as an attendee. All are welcome!

Adventist startups have time until February 10 to submit their pitch deck. Our team will then review all entries and notify you if you were selected to pitch at the event. Due to the limited time we have, we only allow 10 “early stage” startups to pitch on Friday afternoon and 10 “mature” startups to pitch on Saturday night. You will be notified a few days before the event starts. 

At the event, we will have two pitch competitions, one for early startups and one for more mature ones. If you have been selected for the “early stage” pitch competition, you will get 2 minutes to present your concept, followed by 1 minute of Q&A. If you have been selected for the Lion’s Den on Saturday night (more advanced startups with more revenue), you will get 3 minutes to pitch and 3 minutes of Q&A. Please contact us if you have any questions about the pitch competition. We want you to be well prepared.

Meal cards are available from February 15 until February 28. Please use this link here to buy your meal card in advance! We will then give you the card upon check in when you arrive at the event.

Yes, you can. Use this link to submit your pitch and share as much as you can with us, so investors really understand your idea, your concept and your future plans!

After you’ve completed the pitch competition form, you’re invited to share a short video with us so that we can get to know you and your startup. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended if you want to make sure to get selected for our pitch competition. Here are the details. Please click on this link to upload your video.

Video Length:
– 5 minutes of presenting, all videos will be cut after 5m00s.

Video Format:
– Video resolution: 1080p or higher and 24fps or higher.
– We need to see your face and part of your body. No camera movements and no switching angles.
– No b-roll, no stock footage and no other video footage besides your power point presentation and your face.
– Your attire should be casual business.
– No background noise and no accompanying music.
– The title of your video needs to be your business name or your personal name. For example: Margaret.mp4 or CafeStems.mp4

If you want to add your slide deck to your video and display the slides in the video, you can do that.

Absolutely! After having registered as a business owner, you will receive a free resources package from us with templates and a video on how to pitch your startup. We highly recommend that you go through these materials and prepare your slide deck accordingly. 

We are also hosting Hyve’s Startup Factory, a weekly group call on ZOOM for all business owners who need help with their pitch deck. Click on this link to register for the weekly meetings (every Tuesday at 2PM EST). 

Hyve's Networking Package

Have you ever gone to an event and met this one, incredible person that made you think, “wow, the whole trip was more than worth it — just to meet this person!” Well, this year, we’ve designed the entire event in a way so you can experience these kinds of providential moments, but exponentially. 

Connect with the right people during breakfast, lunch, and dinner and advance your business, ministry, or career.

With the Networking Package ($176.50), you will get access to ALL networking sessions, ALL meals, and our special breakout session on Sunday morning with investment opportunities, conversations about AI, and much more.

Thursday 5:30 PM — Finger Food — “Speed Dating” Networking

Friday 12:00 PM — Luncheon — Industry-based Networking

Friday 5:30 PM — Dinner — General Networking

Sabbath 12:00 PM — Luncheon — Missional Networking

Sabbath 5:30 PM — Dinner — General Networking

Sunday 9:00 AM — Breakfast — Interest-based Networking

Sunday 10:30 AM — Topical Networking

More details

We will give you a 10×10 exhibit space and provide a table and two chairs. The exhibit hall is located right at the entrance of the gymnasium, the same location where the main stage is. If you have specific questions and/or need electricity, please contact us at hello(at) hyveinternational.org.


8AM – 11AM set up time
11AM – 3PM


2PM – 4PM
5:30PM – 7:30PM
9PM – 10PM