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Hyve Colombia

November 10 – 14, 2021 | online

The Colombian community of missional entrepreneurs are meeting online in November to get inspired, equipped and educated. Join us in advance for 4 practical online seminars with Jesse Zwiker. Únase a nosotros para el primer evento en español.


Our Speakers

Tim Aka

Director of Investments, General Conference

Darlene Arapoc

Hyve International

Harvey Alferez

University of Montemorelos

Rosemary Benjamin

CEO, Allegiance Health

Rob Bertholf

TechFounder, Bertholf Ventures, LLC

Sebastien Braxton

Business Consultant, Fiat Lux

Daniel Bruneau

Co-Founder, Experience Foundry

Vincent Bujor

Entrepreneur & Ministry Leader

Geeta Chopra

TV Host, Speaker

Ruben Dias

Investor, FastTrack VC

Álvaro Doladé

Design Thinking, FlyingOctober

Michelle Doucoumes

Southern Adventist University

Jonathan Dysinger

Owner, Farmer's Friend LLC

Ty Gibson

Co-director, Light Bearers

Ryan Gersava

Award-winning Founder, Virtualahan

David Grabiner

Real Estate Investor

Steven Grabiner

President, OCI

Daryl Gungadoo

Award-winning Inventor, GC

Cynthia Heidi

Senior Manager & Consultant

Seth Hill

Founder, SWAYY

Askwar Hilonga

Award-winning Engineer & Inventor

Dan Houghton

Investor & President, Hart Research

Danny Houghton

CCO, Silver Hills Bakery

Alistair Huong

Director, AudioVerse

Gary Kent

Speaker & Director, The Incredible Journey

Bill Knott

Director, Adventist Review

Gary Krause

Director, Adventist Mission (GC)

Vitaliy Lim

Founder, SDA Sabbath School App

Chris Matts

Founder, Advent Digital Marketing

Rick McEdward

President, MENA Union of SDA

Denzil McNeilus

Investor & Jury Member

Maikel Moncaleano

Director, Vida VIDA SANA Redension

Sam Neves

Associate Director of Communications, GC

Jonathan Otto

Investigative Journalist & Filmmaker

Lori Castillo Otto

Life Coach & Natural Medicine Advocate

Radim Passer

Investor & Jury Member

Nathaniel Peat

Founder & CEO

Andrew Perry

Founder, TMI Group

Gary Rayner

Founder, LifeProof

Lorand Soares

Accelerated Growth Expert

Lyndon Sweeney

CEO, Ark Digital Agency

Sidney Sweet

CEO, Sweet Dried Fruits Inc.

Jared Thurmon

Pastor & Entrepreneur

Ted Wilson

President, General Conference of SDA

Markus Witte

Pastor & Corporate Manager

Jonathan Wold

Strategist & Consultant

Jesse Zwiker

President, Hyve International

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