Why Hyve?

Adventist businesses and ministries are looking for trustworthy professional advice on how to conduct their organization in a profitable and missional way.

More than 15,000 of them are in need of help every year – and the number keeps growing. 

Join us.

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"Every Adventist family - a successful missional business."

The lay members will finish the work. But how much time do our lay members really have if secular employment occupies 1/3 of their day?

Hastening the coming of Jesus requires a “full-time approach”, not a part-time one. We call this approach Missional Entrepreneurship. It’s where business and ministry get merged, where our job becomes our mission and our mission becomes our job; it’s where business and religion are united to change this world and the world to come.

Our Solution.

Wholesome & Relevant Products

Our products or services meet a need in the marketplace. They are beneficial to abundant living. We give back more than we take from the planet.

Kind & Candid Corporate Culture

Our businesses are fun to work at. All employees feel valued and trusted, they are paid fairly and receive health & wellness benefits. We don’t have set work hours. We believe in direct and unselfish communication.

Outstanding Customer Service

Every customer leaves feeling better after each interaction with us.

Intentional & Attractive Spirituality

We constantly look for ways to share our uniquely Adventist values in a winsome way, like through various marketing channels, our packaging, or through branded content.

Profitability & Missional Reinvestment

We unselfishly support other (potential) missional projects, businesses, non-profits, or church entities. We are free to innovate outside of our core business.