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Hyve International

The vision of seeing faith-based entrepreneurship changing the world can be traced back 144 years, when author & co-founder Ellen White first introduced the idea of social ventures, solving the world’s most pressing problems and combining mission and business in a sustainable way. She called it the “beehive”.

Ever since then, this idea was carried forward by faith-based entrepreneurs such as John Andrews, Uriah Smith, Edward Sutherland, and many more.

Today, successful entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors and innovators are coming together to take this idea to the next level. Introducing: Hyve International.

Hyve is a faith-based community of innovators committed to positively reshaping the worldview and culture of society.



At HyveCamp, business owners, entrepreneurs and young professionals are coming together to get equipped and inspired by industry-leading speakers and innovators. The movement started in 2017 with the very first HyveCamp in Berlin, Germany and has now made a global impact. 
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The Hyve Replay Package

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No problem. Watch all interviews, keynote sessions, workshops, seminars and panels straight from your living room — with Hyve Replay.

THe Hyve Podcast

How to Do Business God's Way

There is a need for the right form of entrepreneurship. There is a desire for truth out there, a desire to combine mission and business in the most unique, effective and professional way possible.
Introducing: The HYVE Podcast. Coming soon, with practical advice and real, inspiring stories.


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